Saturday, August 12, 2006

More Halo toys.

The very successful Halo line of action figures continues to expand through the summer and fall seasons:

"In July, a White Elite figure will be sold exclusively at, while a "holographic" Prophet of Regret will be available only at Hollywood Video. In late August/early September, three more figures--Red Spartan v.2, Jackal Major and Prophet of Mercy--will be available exclusive to several retailers. And, DieCast Express will have two exlusives--a Heavy Weapons Pack, and Blue Spartan v.2 with Large Stationary Gun and a blue flag!"

I'm sure for most people who have stuck with collecting the toy series has been a bit burned out by the lack of originality from these figures for awhile. With the addition of the heavy weapons though, my interest has been if they would only re-release the original Cortana toy.

Gears of War dog tag.

As the release date for Gears of War gets closer, more and more promotional items are being distributed for the game. The latest in these promotional materials has been appearing on Ebay and what better way to show your fandom for Gears of War then wearing a dog tag for the game?

You can find this particular item up for bid, right here on ebay.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Stunning Halo 3 Art !!!

Wow ,Pavel Dolgov has stunned us all again. This time with a huge painting of Master Chief from Halo 3 , a small painting of the logo and a matching 360 faceplate.
Check out his eBay Store. Also take a moment and check out the interview I did with him.

em Enchanted Arms Graphic Novel.

Just so you know if you preorder em Enchanted Arms for Xbox 360 you will receive a graphic novel.