Friday, April 21, 2006

Ebay Spotlight: Ghost Recon Light Box

Wow Check out this Sweet Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon A.W. Light Box. It's huge, It's Expensive.
But for the right person this is priceless. [Ebay Auction]

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

GameFace 360 !

Check it out guys the GameFace 360 hits store shelves this week. Im really looking forward to creating my own faceplates. It looks like its going to be alot of fun and its only twenty bucks. Nyko has really listened to gamers,we love personalization.

Now thats a nice harddrive.

Check out Major Nelsons sweet launch team harddrive. I wonder how many gigs it holds.
This is the stuff I wouldn't mind getting my hands on. He makes sure to let everyone know that they will not be getting their hands on it.

Either way check out the latest episode of 10.

Im starting to think that Nelson is the true Xbox collector. I cant imagine how much stuff he has to have.