Friday, March 24, 2006

360 Style Hand-Set Gem Faceplate

Hey guys check out my custom faceplate. The design is layed out with handset gems

Click here to see some more larger pictures.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bunch o' Stuff..

Well I received my wood grain faceplate from Hong Kong yesterday, it looks so much better then the official US wood grain faceplate. The power button and memory card slots are black, and it looks really cool when you power it up.

Also I picked up Oblivion early the clerk asked me if i wanted to upgrade to the Collectors Edition which i did not want to do, but my Call of Duty 2 and Project Gotham 3 trade-in paid for the game in full.

Let me say, this is one beautiful collectors edition, it includes a guide to catch you up on the past and present story of Elder Scrolls, a coin, a map and a super artistic case. I was really impressed at the overall presentation. Definitely quality stuff.

In other news I received word that my custom faceplate is done, im really impressed with the preview photographs I received.More on that coming soon......