Saturday, March 11, 2006

New to the collection.

I just picked up the "Wanted" Rainbow Six shirt I blogged about a month ago off of ebay, along with a Wood grain styled faceplate from Hong Kong that I never seen before.

Im probably going to give away my U.S. Wood Grain faceplate away in a contest in the near future. Stay Tuned.

Ghost Recon: AW Rocks!!

This is the game Xbox 360 needed, at least for me and for all the other tactical shooting freaks.
I got together for about 4-5 hours with some of my original friends from Rainbow Six 3 days, and tore up Co-Op. This was a ton of fun, challenging as hell but as long as you take your time it shouldnt be impossible.

Friday, March 10, 2006

My Question for Grandma Hardcore..

Here was my 1 question for the world famous Old Grandma Hardcore.

I wrote
Q: I just want to ask grandma if she is enjoying the xbox 360 achievement system. And does she find it rewarding or overated.

She replied
A: "Tim thinks the achievement system is a conspriracy by Bill Gates to trick folks into thinking harder. I like it! It makes every game an arcade game, so to speak; and I know if my grandkids are lying if they tell me they're further than they are, so that's nice. Some things aren't necessary, though. Why does anyone deserve the first achievement in HexicHD? If you play it for five minutes pressing random buttons you'll still GET it. It's a tease!"

Thanks for answering my Qeustion O.G.H.C.
Also see Grandma on MTV Overdrive.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

No preorder no game.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter was just released, I knew it was close but it kinda snuck up on me. Here i am watching my friends list on . Everyone is playing the game but me.
This just isnt right im one of the hugest Tom Clancy Fans.

Today i visited 7 Stores with hope that they would have it. The best answer I got is that they may have another shipment tommorow. But the odds are still against me.

Thats ok ill let you guys get a head start on me.

Edit Thursday:Yes ! It was in stock today. See you guys online.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Airbrush Genius.

Check out CND Airbrush. Yes this is free advertising for them. They create sweet ass custom airbrushed faceplates. These guys are literally some of the best.

Monday, March 6, 2006

Ebay Spotlight: Xbox launch team award.

Check out this original Xbox 1 Launch team award that has shown up on Ebay. The award is dated 11-15-2001.

Id love to pick up this item, its gaming memorabilia at its best.

I wonder what the final purchase price will be.
It definitely can go over a hundred.

New Zeland gets HD Xbox 360 BUS

Around a dozen 360s and Samsungs line the inside of this sleek metallic Xbox 360 Bus.
Definitely a great way to promote the system in smaller countrys.
New Zelands launch is March 23. Have fun guys !! I know I have with my 360.