Thursday, February 23, 2006

Purchased Marble Blast Ultra !

This game is officially my second favorite title for Xbox live arcade after Geometry Wars. The game is pretty much like every other marble game of the past, or super monkey ball for example. But its hella fun. The sound, physics and graphics are all top notch.

(Edit: this is so addictive i just beat 40 levels all under par time)

Halo Needler

Check this its a replica of a needler from HALO.
The guy who created this is selling the needles but not the needler itself. He supposively got the stones from Brazil.

His mock weapon includes a high powered lazer on the front and internal lights to illuminate the stones. Good work !

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Halo 2 Kubrick

I have seen some of these Halo 2 Kubricks sell for around 75 bucks during holiday seasons.

Why am i spotlighting an item that has been around well over a year, Well because its sweet ! I have wanted one since the first time i seen it. This is a guranteed investment for the future. Infact anything with Halo on it is.

Xbox 360 Transfer Kit

"Maxconsole has the world's first scoop on the new Xbox 360 transfer kit and complimentary software called Xchange 360 from the makers of Action Replay. The Xbox 360 transfer kit will allow you to transfer game saves, downloads, user data, gamer pics and the like. Thanks to the Xchange 360 application, the Xbox 360 transfer kit is very easy to use. Just plug in your memory card into the docking port and connect it to any USB enabled PC. The retail price is expected to be around $14.99. We bring you some pictures of the Xchange 360 application and the docking port" [TXB]

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Beat Condemned for Xbox 360

Condemned is an amazing game, the graphics are truly next gen and the story is pretty damn good also. Condemned is not that scary i mean its tolerable. Definitely some gross scenes and spooks. There is some replayability after completing the game like collecting birds, metal pieces and hidden TVs. I found quite a few of these on my own but i really dont feel like backtracking for the rest. The game is definitely dark and its best to play in spurts. Give this game a rent you wont be ripped off its alot of fun. 9.0/10


11 Rare Official Xbox 1 Systems.

Clear Black Limited Edition
Panzer Dragoon Orta Special Edition
Green Limited Edition
Pure White Limited Edition
The Crystal Limited Edition Xbox Crystal Limited Edition
Halo Special Edition
Kasumi-chan Blue Edition
Halo 2 Limited Edition (Blue)
Mountain Dew Limited Edition
Hello Kitty Crystal Edition
Debug Kit

Wow i bet you never knew there were this many of them, some of them are extremely rare like the one for Panzer Dragoon, Only 999 were produced. I dont own any of these but believe me im keeping my eyes open ....

More Info Here.