Saturday, January 21, 2006

Gave up

I gave up on installing Final Fantasy XI beta,I dont have a USB keyboard and im not ready to sit there and read text for hours. I dont have much time to game in my day, so sorry FFXI you gonna have to wait.

Storage and More

Check out these Neat stackable XBox 360 Stands for your games. I dont think they are official but still neat check out this link.

Well i played some Hardwood backgammon yesterday, I still dont get it that well its pretty complicated, i was born to shoot, frag and kill.

Also I beat a section of Need for SPeed most wanted, Boy this game is awesome the Cutscenes are great and the racing is intense.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pro Gaming Hits 60 Minutes

Stay Tuned to 60 Minutes this week and look for Hardcore Pro gamer FATAL1TYs interview. He is the first professional Cyber athlete.

"Playing videogames is that fast and the game is all about hand-eye coordination, reflexes, timing, strategy…being able to think fast….You’ve got to be doing everything,”" he tells Kroft. Wendel still plays tennis, the sport he starred in for his high school, and runs regularly, in addition to playing video games sometimes more than eight to 10 hours a day. "

Watch The CLip.

Playstation 3 Launch Titles.

The specifically listed games are Polyphony Digital's latest Gran Turismo iteration, Genji 2, presumably a sequel to Yoshiki Okamoto's samurai action title for the PlayStation 2, Everybody's Golf 5, the latest in Camelot's popular cartoon golf series, and titles named Monster Carnival, Angel Rings and The Eye Of Judgment. No other information is currently available on the games.

Ok this is the xbox collector, SOny your launch sounds like crap. get out of my blog.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Blood for health.

Check out this lame BLOODRAYNE Energy drink. Sure to put hair on your balls. Lmfao they will do anything now days to push that caffeine on people.Only 15 Euro.


Well I sold a XXL Xbox 360 Mountain Dew Hoodie on Ebay for 45 Bucks along with the Fitted hat.

That costed me about 5$ to list.
Then the winner never paid so i lost that listing money.

So then i seen the sweatshirt going for 46$ by itself. So i decided to relist it at 20 bucks and hope it would go up to 46$. Instead it sold for 20.50$. And it costed about 3$ to list. So in the end i made 12.50$ on a new sweatshirt that at a retail store would have sold for 60$ but that is ebay. You win some you lose some. Either way its good pocket change.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Free Full Auto Faceplate

Preorder Full Auto From EBGames and you will receive a free Full Auto Faceplate.
Talk about a hell of a deal. Seeing regular faceplates go for 20$.
Check it out here.

Fun Times

Well I beat another mission on Veteran for Call of Duty 2 and got a few more achievements for GUN. Man this game doesnt shine on xbox 360, but is hella fun. Kinda suprising how much swearing and gore is in this game.

In one mission there are apaches hung up all over this camp, practically crucified. There are targets painted on the indians. So the pirate cowboys can throw knives at them. Crazy.

Also I will say the indian voice acting is horrible.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


I havnt really touched my 360 in a couple of weeks. Its not that it isnt fun, its just that i feel obligated to do other things, yet at the same time i feel myself neglecting 360 Style.

But im pulling myself together. The Pot of coffee is brewing (yeah its 8pm at night). This way I can gather some energy to play some GUN and King Kong.

Also im contemplating switching my gamerzone to underground. Because I really am not such a professional gamer. I am just the Xbox Collector. Doesnt mean I beat every game. Ill leave that to Elder Sasquatch . Check out his blog.

Collector Alert! Call of Duty 2 Faceplate

Run over to your local Best buy and purchase the Call of Duty 2. You will receive the free faceplate. If you already have the game you can probably get rid of it for a fairly good price.