Friday, January 13, 2006

Collector Alert! OXM Collectors Edition.

Ok snag this up asap, Snag 2, Dont open one of them. This is one of the First Collector edition of OXM, and it comes with 2 discs, One with the full beta of final fantasy XI for 360. Which alone is a collectable. Keep this item sealed and you are looking at a great piece of xbox memorabila. Its the first time a company has done such a large scale beta.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Comedy Song : Love or Xbox

This is faily hilarious, and definitely honest.
This australian group Tripod sings at a comedy club.
Starts out sounding like a lets make sex song, Turns out to be,
Let me finish this game first. lmfao.
Click Here boyz.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

WORLDS smallest console

"Tacohead over at sent word of a teeny tiny Dreamcast he bought via Lik-Sang. The toy consists of a Dreamcast console deck, removable modem, 2 VMUs, one controller and a copy of Space Channel 5. It gets better. The friggin’ console’s lid opens. Insane."

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Tralfaz an inspirational collector.

Ok check out this guys amazing Xbox Collection, he has 10 of each of his favorite games. His whole house is a system linkers dream.The guy has so much memorabilia he doesnt know what to do. Sound familiar, No this isnt my twin. Check out his MSN Group Gallery.

The lazy Gamer pillow

I mean, playing World of Warcraft for 11 hours straight and then selling the gold on eBay is the job of the future, right? So, we present to you the executive desk chair for the hardcore MMORPG set: the head-propping pillow for gamers. It only costs about 550 gold (or $36 from Yahoo! Japan). Yeah, it makes you look like you’re ready to give oral to a humpback whale, but your neck and head can slacken up and focus on the screen.

Click here to preorder for the US. LMFAO