Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Gears of Merch.

The game is almost upon us and with it a slew of freaking awesome merchandise! You've already seen one of the faceplates that have been released to retail stores, now witness the console case and second faceplate!
The second faceplate also comes with two skins to put on the sides of your Xbox 360. They are pretty decent, though they are folded up in the package and need some time to uncurl when you get them out. The console case? Absolutely sweet with plenty of room to store all your stuff for your big Gears LAN party.

The faceplate kit will run your 30 bucks and the console case will run you about 60. Now I must hunt down a Gears lanyard...after seeing Pink's i'm jealous! Plus my Halo 2 one is getting old...

Stay tuned...tomorrow morning I post some pics of some Gears stickes..


Pink sage said...
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avid x3ro said...
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