Saturday, August 12, 2006

More Halo toys.

The very successful Halo line of action figures continues to expand through the summer and fall seasons:

"In July, a White Elite figure will be sold exclusively at, while a "holographic" Prophet of Regret will be available only at Hollywood Video. In late August/early September, three more figures--Red Spartan v.2, Jackal Major and Prophet of Mercy--will be available exclusive to several retailers. And, DieCast Express will have two exlusives--a Heavy Weapons Pack, and Blue Spartan v.2 with Large Stationary Gun and a blue flag!"

I'm sure for most people who have stuck with collecting the toy series has been a bit burned out by the lack of originality from these figures for awhile. With the addition of the heavy weapons though, my interest has been if they would only re-release the original Cortana toy.

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