Saturday, February 11, 2006

XBOX 360 Ebay observations.

Limited Edition Pre-order Faceplates always sell for 20-50 bux (full auto,cod 2...)
And then you can turn around and sell the new game for 5 bux less then you paid.(great turn around profit.)

Also believe it or not months after the premium 360 is released they are still selling for a profit on ebay. Try 100-150$ profit for the newer 360 without the media remote.

Ontop of it all i seen a kid literally finger painted a halo 3 facepate.(looked like he used feces) It was disgustingly ugly.Oh guess what he made 50 bux.

There is a profit to be made, go make it......... but beware.

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Elder Sasquatch said...

You know theres probably some money to be had here.