Sunday, February 19, 2006

Beat Condemned for Xbox 360

Condemned is an amazing game, the graphics are truly next gen and the story is pretty damn good also. Condemned is not that scary i mean its tolerable. Definitely some gross scenes and spooks. There is some replayability after completing the game like collecting birds, metal pieces and hidden TVs. I found quite a few of these on my own but i really dont feel like backtracking for the rest. The game is definitely dark and its best to play in spurts. Give this game a rent you wont be ripped off its alot of fun. 9.0/10



blog000111 said...
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Elder Sasquatch said...

Congratulations Dog.

avid x3ro said...

game was not to hard,
I think maybe the hardest part was when i was in the swimming pool and all those bound up dudes keep attacking, i probably died a good 10 times.