Sunday, February 19, 2006

11 Rare Official Xbox 1 Systems.

Clear Black Limited Edition
Panzer Dragoon Orta Special Edition
Green Limited Edition
Pure White Limited Edition
The Crystal Limited Edition Xbox Crystal Limited Edition
Halo Special Edition
Kasumi-chan Blue Edition
Halo 2 Limited Edition (Blue)
Mountain Dew Limited Edition
Hello Kitty Crystal Edition
Debug Kit

Wow i bet you never knew there were this many of them, some of them are extremely rare like the one for Panzer Dragoon, Only 999 were produced. I dont own any of these but believe me im keeping my eyes open ....

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Elder Sasquatch said...

Yeah dude maybe you should pick up that Orta one, because imagine the bidding possibilities at Ebay for one of those.

avid x3ro said...

its already worth well over a few thousand hehe.

Jet said...
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