Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Good way to start 2006

Happy New Year ! Well not for myself that is, Today while leaving work my tire broke off of my cruddy Chrysler Concorde. The ball joint, CV Joint and a ton of other damage totaling up to around $1000 bucks occurred. I thank God that I was not going fast. If I where I would have been in a serious accident. So I am trying to look at the bright side. I usually don't except charity I have a little more pride then that, But I am seriously screwed. I am just your average 22 year old, who runs this website for fun. I work at a grocery store and it will take me over a month to even afford to pay a mechanic. Please help me out ,Even if you donate 1 Dollar. Thank you so much.


Elder Sasquatch said...

Hope things are working out for you bro!! Car repairs are unfortunate and witout the help of my parents I would be on the street right now and probably dead.

avid x3ro said...

i dont know what to do. i have not had a donation, i dont know why i put it up its an embarasement, i was just hoping bill gates would stumble across my sites.

Im going to have to get a loan ..arghhh