Saturday, January 7, 2006

Future 360 Collector investments.

What would you consider a future investment for a 360 collector?
Well to start off early launch items are usually the most valuable over time,If you can snag a rare faceplate for 50-100$ its a good investment guaranteed to bring it at least a 50% increase over the next 10 years.

Also the weird items like the 360 Belt, or Zero Hour bean bags. Or the first official xbox magazine with the 360 demos unoppened. How bout the kiosk disc? Or the Memory card with the Zero Hour achievement. Snag these rare items now at low costs and watch your investment grow. Sometimes you will see alot of one rare item on sites like ebay but remember sooner or later they will be gone. And even 360 will be retro some day.

As with XBOX 1 Keep your eye out on Limited Edition Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Superman , Spiderman etc... Controllers these will some times be reduced down to 5 bux. Most people buy controllers to use so in 10 years not many of these should be around in mint condition. On the game side try collecting games that are not necessarily sequels. Classics that were sleeper hits are where it is all at.
In the Xbox 1 generation games either sold MILLIONS or 100,000 or less. its a fact. And the good games that land in the 100,000 or less copies the the ones with the value. Try Beyond good and Evil, Metal Slug, Kakuto Chojin, The Guy Game....
The weirder the better.

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