Saturday, December 31, 2005

XBox 360 is a Bomb!

A passenger toting a Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console in a carry-on case sparked a terror alert at MacArthur Airport on Long Island, forcing a terminal to be completely evacuated. Officials say the Chicago-bound flier, worried that his Xbox 360 game console might be swiped if he checked it, instead put it in a metal case that he carried through security checkpoints. At 12:15 p.m., the container passed through an X-ray machine, and screeners thought it might have held a bomb. "The package looked to be suspicious with wires running through it," said airport spokeswoman Michele Remsen. Come on, its just an Xbox 360 guys, if that looks like a bomb inside, you may need to go back to security school.

Water Cooling your 360

Alright stop with the overheating jokes. If you plan on leaving your Xbox 360 Running for 5 years without turning it off, this Water Cooling system may be for you.

According to their press release, “CoolIT Systems has designed a retrofit product that will transform the stock forced air cooling system with a state-of-the-art liquid-chilled system that employs the exclusive MTEC technology pioneered by CoolIT Systems.”

The rarest Xbox of all.

This rare hacked xbox also plays NES games. Wow isn't that amazing, I bet it went for alot on eBay.

I wonder if its grey because its a alpha development kit.

Revisited: Banned 360 Ad

Ok i just happen to stumble across this slightly old banned xbox 360 ad.
If you have not watched it get to it, because I feel it does describe the Xbox live experience well.
Sad thing is, according to rumors on the web Microsoft stole the idea directly from a popular college short film. Maybe thats why its not on tv??

Friday, December 30, 2005

Moron Alert: Dont Buy this.

Ebgames is selling these sticky gel pads for the side of your xbox controller. Please do not buy these at 7.99$ a pop its definitely not worth it, seriously if you are hardcore just put hockey tape around your controller.

Now dont get confused the "gel tabz" for the thumbsticks seem like a worthy investment, if you have ever played alot of Geometry wars 2 you will know why. And there more affordable then this crap.

Old Grandma Hardcore

This Grandma is cool as hell she is a hardcore gamer, who finishes each game that she plays. Check out her videos , she swears, she plays video games. Nothing funnier.
I am now hooked to her blog(written by her grandson). Lately they have received so much media publicity, that MTV hired her to be the lead gaming coorespondent on there new gaming show. Definitely badass. Hell they even got a new House because of it.

My Ebay Spotlight: Rare Hoodie and Hat

Well i finally received my First Xbox 360/Mountain Dew Hoodie from the Everytenminutes Contest. The Hoodie is really nice. Im selling this one along with one of the hats I got, and then ontop of it all im throwing in a DVD of Crash. I got a couple more of these hoodies im gonna keep for personal use. Check out the auction here.

Wtf Dreamcast has a new release??

Sega's at it again with yet another release for the "dead" Dreamcast. With Radiligy already announced for a Feb. 2006 release someone at Sega apparently decided that March 2006 needed a Dreamcast shooter release as well. That shooter is Under Defeat which is a helicopter shooter which is currently sweaping across Japan's arcades. Watch for import store pre-orders in the near future. Reports suggest a retail price of 6,090 Yen which is $52. Official Arcade Version Website

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oblivion Gear

Bethesda software has a sweet line of Oblivion Gear. Definitely one of my most anticipated PC and Xbox 360 Games. The graphics are stunning.
Check out the Gear here.
If you never seen anything on this game check out this page.

Dead or Alive 4 Xbox 360 Arcade Stick

Exclusively for the Xbox 360 - The Dead or Alive 4 Limited Edition Arcade Stick! Put the down on your friends in style with this, officially licensed by Tecmo and endorsed by Team Ninja, limited edition arcade stick. $59.99 At Gamestop.

Ebay Spotlight: Rare 360 DVD and Portable DVD player set

This is a neat rare item i found on Ebay.
This item was only given to members of the European press at the MTV launch Event back in may its a DVD with Xbox 360 trailers and junk on it along with a Samsung portable dvd player. They are bundled together to show there new affiliation. Pretty neat. only $ 500 bux.

Talk about Simulation!!

You wanna talk about a rare item.
"Just in time for the 2006 North American International Auto Show, Nissan and Microsoft announced the details behind their beautiful blending of gaming and driving. The Nissan URGE concept car allows drivers to use the car’s steering wheel, gas pedal and brake pedal to play Project Gotham Racing 3 on a flip-down 7-inch LCD screen through a 360 built into the vehicle.
That is freaking awesome. And no, you can’t play while you’re driving.
The car will be make its world debut at the auto show on Jan. 9.Nissan Urge Gallery"

Xbox makes Big Screen in Grandmas Boy

"By day, 35-year-old Alex (Covert) is the world’s oldest video game tester, but by night. By night, he is privately developing the next big game for the X-Box generation. When one of his roommates(Loughran) spends all the rent money on Taiwanese hookers, Alex is kicked out of his apartment, and finds himself forced to live with his grandmother (Roberts) and her friends Grace (Jones) and Bea (Knight). "

Ebay Spotlight: Japanese Faceplates

These faceplates are very sweet, They are official and only available in japan.
Ive been watching some of them sell for what they are worth 20$ without shipping,
But i have also seen some go for much less.

Veteran of Call of Duty 2 T-Shirts

Check out this Badass Veteran of Call of Duty 2 T-shirt.

Only $22.99